7 Unique Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding


7 Unique Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding


1. Photo Design

2. CUSTOM PHOTO DESIGN – The design on your photos is probably the easiest custom option as most photo booth companies have the ability to change the names and dates on the photo strips. Some companies even have design staff on hand to create custom ones specific to you and your special day, and sometimes different photo sizes are also available.

At Boogie Booth, once your reservation is made, we’ll have you send over any photos, designs, monograms, etc., for us to incorporate into the photo design and we can match the themes, colors, fonts, too. This design will appear on all printed and digital copies, creating a unique and memorable party favor for your family and friends.  Photo sizes: {Traditional Enclosed Booth includes: 2×6 photo strip} {Marquis Open-Style Booth includes 2×6 photo strip or 4×6 layout}


2. Creative Backdrops

2. UNLIMITED BACKDROP OPTIONS – While the photo booth company you opt to go with might have some fun backdrops to choose from (and we sure do!), don’t think that you need to play by the rules here here. The beauty you can capture from your venue itself is reason enough to eliminate the need for a backdrop altogether, or why not create a custom scene for a fun photo experience for everyone! Take a look above at some fun ways we’ve changed up your “typical photo booth” scene…

Our packages provide the option to choose from our existing selection of premium curtain and backdrop options, but let us know if you’re looking for a more unique setting and interested in our upgraded backdrop options. We offer custom Step & Repeat backdrops, custom scenery options, and even Green Screen – let the guests choose their own background!

3. Upgrade Your Scrapbook

3. PHOTO BOOTH SCRAPBOOKS are the perfect alternative to a regular Guest Book for your wedding day. Sure, you may want to keep a book full of other peoples’ autographs, but why not create a more personal way to remember the special people who came to celebrate the most important day in your life?

We offer a full scrapbook service for weddings and our friendly attendants will assist your guests with placing a copy of their photos onto the scrapbook page and encourage them to leave fun and special notes and funny inside jokes that’ll have you cracking up every time you look back through it.

4. Put a Filter on it!


4. FILTER OR NO FILTER? You decide! Let’s create a vintage-style photo booth and take your guests back in time, or perhaps we want to see what they’d look like as cartoon characters? So many options, but our new favorite has to be the hottest and sexiest filter yet…. THE GLAM FILTER. From the oh-so-popular Kardashian Photo Booth craze, we’ve upped our game to bring you the fountain of youth in real time, enhancing and smoothing facial lines to get us ready for some red carpet action!

5. Wedding GIF(t)s

5. GIFs are all the rage right now, from your standard 3 or 4-image Animated GIF (example above) to Boomerang GIFs, we’ve got you covered! Still want to have a printed version for your guests’ keepsake? We’ll create a separate printable design that will also appear in your scrapbook! GIFs are great for social media and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to try out our Animations. It’s so easy, even your Grandma will be a pro at GIFs after trying it out!

6. Custom Props

6. PROPS are a must-have for every wedding, but if you’re looking for something outside of the silly hats and sunglasses, imagine the fun you and your guests will have with custom props made just for you. Change “Team Bride” and “Team Groom” to say “Team Jessica” and “Team Mark” or got a little rivalry going on with college teams?…. How about “Team LSU” and “Team Alabama”? You decide! Or make it even funnier with your actual faces (or full body!) made into props. Be warned… funny props plus drunk wedding guests… and you’ll experience a side of your family you’ve never seen and one you will never forget.

7. #WeddingHashtag Printing

7. HASHTAG PRINTING – Available for both Twitter and Instagram, your guests can upload their own event photos directly to their social media pages. Our station monitors social media for your designated Wedding Hashtag for any photos uploaded during the wedding reception. They will be displayed on our slideshow monitor in real time, and guests can print out their photos right on site with your custom photo design added to it! We include a custom-made sign providing the guests with instructions how to print their photos on site. This service works great as an add-on to any photo booth package or all on its own!


If your looking for more ways to enhance the photo experience at your reception, we also provide these fun upgrades! Add a red carpet and stanchions for the classy Red Carpet Experience, and even add Uplighting to create an eye-catching area to draw your guests in.  Unlimited Printing allows every guest in the photo to take home a copy! Still interested in other creative ways to take it up a notch? Call us and tell us your thoughts and let’s make it happen together!

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