Closed vs Open Style Photo Booths

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’ve decided that having a photo booth at your wedding, party or corporate event is the best way to get your party started and what a better way to break the ice than seeing Grandma put on a batman mask and make a funny face for the camera? But with all the different types of photo booths these days it’s hard to tell what type of booth, open or closed, will create the best experience for your guests and make it a night they’ll never forget. So we’ve listed a few things to consider for each option to help you select the one that is right for your event and your guests.

Traditional Closed Booths

Traditional Closed Booths are what most people think of when they hear “photo booth”.  It is an enclosed structure, usually with a full curtain surrounding the people inside while the photos are being taken. At Boogie Booth, we have several curtain colors for you to choose from and can custom order any color or design to fit your theme. Guests step into our 6’x3’ booth, close the curtain and take a seat. Once they select from color or black and white photos, the countdown begins and a sequence of 4 images are taken. Within about 10 seconds, 2 copies of 2”x6” photo strips are printed. This option is great for guests who enjoy a more “private” photo session whether they are shy in front of crowds or are looking to get a little wild without having an open audience. It is great for smaller groups and comfortably fits 2-6 people per photo session. We can easily allow for those larger group shots and sneaky photo-bombers by opening or removing the curtain altogether.

Open Air Photo Booths

Open Air Photo Booths are just that, open. Some argue that it is then no longer called a “booth”. We don’t care what you call it, just be ready to be entertained. Instead of going into a “booth” and behind a curtain, you pick your prop and walk in front of the camera to pose in front of almost any kind of backdrop or setting you can dream up. We have several for you to choose from, but the possibilities are endless. From custom step and repeat backdrops, to green screen technology, glittery sequins, or something as extravagant as Kanye and Kim’s floral wall, the open air option “opens” the possibilities to capture the moment with any setting. Without the enclosure, those passing by and waiting in line are sure to be entertained while watching everyone pose for their photo with some silly props and signs. It’s great for larger groups and is the most popular option for corporate events.

This set up is best placed in a 10’x10’ area, but depending on the space provided we can alter the arrangement to ensure the best flow and user experience from start to finish. Typical photo layout options are 1-4 images on a 4”x6” with your logos and event information included in the design. Want the 2”x6” photo strips instead or an 8”x10” magazine cover? No problem! The design layouts and print sizes can be customized for any event taking your guests and imaginations “outside the box” with our open air options.

Our most innovative technology, such as Animated GIFs, light painting, slow motion video, and face morphing, are only available with our open air photo booths. For those limited on space, but still looking to offer a fun photo opportunity at their event, ask about our Roaming Photographer or Hashtag Printing!

All of our packages include the following:

  • Delivery, set up, and take down
  • Friendly and professional attendant
  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • Onsite printing
  • Onsite social media sharing station
  • Choice of color or black and white pictures
  • Customized photo layout
  • Multiple color options for backdrop/curtain
  • Outside monitor displaying a live slideshow of all the pictures taken
  • DVD or USB with images in high resolution
  • Clear plastic sleeves to protect your guests’ pictures
  • Online gallery where guests can view, download, and share this pictures
  • The widest and most fun assortment of premium props (custom props available)
  • Full Scrapbook service for Bridal packages

So which option is best for you? We’ll leave that choice up to you, but if you still aren’t sure give us a call at 504-457-8033 and we will be more than happy to make a recommendation. Our #1 goal is to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!