Outdoor Events

Events are starting to come back, and as we prepare to return safely with masks and social distancing still in effect, the amount of events taking place outdoors is going to increase.

So you’re planning an outdoor event, whether it be a festival, outdoor concert, golf tournament, courtyard wedding, crawfish boil, family picnic, or any other kind of party that you want to host in the great outdoors… and you’re looking for a fun photo experience to provide your guests with during the event. What do you need to know? Can a photo booth go outside at all? Yes, it sure can! And we’ve gathered a list of the most important tips for having a photo booth outside.


This is by far the most important piece for every event, whether indoors or outdoors. Photo Booths are made up of cameras, computers, monitors/screens, lights, sometimes printers, etc., and all of those elements require electrical power in order to function. The only exceptions that do not require electricity are our Roaming Photo Booths, which are mobile and run on battery power. For stationary set ups, power is required. At Boogie Booth, we supply all our own cables and cords needed to power the photo booth, and all we need from you is:

  • 1 Power Outlet that is:
    • Within 25 feet of the photo booth
    • Standard 110v
    • Please refer to <this list> for the amount of Amps recommended based on your photo booth.
    • Make sure your venue has power turned on for that outlet – do not assume that because you can see an outlet, that it is working properly.

*If you are unable to provide a sufficient power outlet, please notify us ahead of time as early as possible. We can assist with providing longer extension cords, generators, and even battery-powered photo booth options.

Tent or Covered Area

Let’s be honest… Louisiana weather is extremely unpredictable. We get a lot of gorgeous sunny days, but that sunshine can quickly turn to rain in an instant. And the last thing we want to do is to be scrambling for cover while setting up or while the event is taking place. Please consult with our sales team if you plan to put the photo booth in an area that will not be covered. There are some instances where this can work great, but even in those instances, we recommend having a backup plan with an alternative covered location for the photo booth, just in case! Our equipment is not waterproof and therefore, we will only be able to set up in locations that can remain dry for the duration of your event.

  • Please provide a tent or covered area if your event will fall under any of the following options:
    • Rain may be a concern the day of the event
    • Daytime events that will be in direct sunlight (cloudy days are better!)
    • Wind hazards – backdrops can become a hazard when not placed against a sturdy structure

Tents should be a minimum of 10’x10’ (with an 8’ height clearance if your package includes a backdrop). In some instances, we also recommend a tent with 3 walls to help against direct sunlight and wind. We are happy to provide recommendations for local tent companies, or we can even source the tent for you for an additional charge.


We require the ground to be dry and a level surface for us to set up on. Please give us a heads up what type of flooring you will have for the photo booth area, whether it’s concrete, asphalt, grass, dirt, etc.

Heat & Humidity

Feeling HOT HOT HOT! The parties don’t stop in New Orleans in the summertime, but with heat and humidity, there are a few factors to consider… not just for equipment safety, but for your guests’ experience as well. Because who wants to take a photo looking all sweaty and shiny?

  • If your event will be outside from May-September in New Orleans:
    • Consider placing the photo booth inside, if possible.
    • In extreme conditions, please provide a portable fan or A/C unit for photo area where guests and staff can be comfortable while waiting and while using the photo booth.
    • For packages that include printing: please be aware that printing in a highly humid environment may cause the printer to malfunction or cease operating for an unknown period of time until conditions improve. In these instances, if there is no danger to the camera and computer, then we will continue to operate the photo booth without printing and digital copies will continue to be provided. 

Cold Weather

You might laugh, but yes… we do get cold days here, too! While cold weather is not as big of a concern, the main thing to consider is the comfort of your guests when determining the placement of the photo booth. If it is freezing cold outside and all your guests choose to stay inside all night, it will be a lonely photo booth station with no photos for your gallery. Let’s avoid that and make sure the photo booth is placed where the action is! 

Let the festivities begin and contact us today to book your outdoor photo booth!