Virtual Photo Booth

While 2020 brought many things to all of us, both good and bad, one of the most interesting things it surprised us, at Boogie Booth, with was the transition to virtual experiences and events. Since people can’t gather together in person to connect, many companies and people are trying to find innovative ways to stay connected and relevant. Those that typically would have hosted a physical event and would have a need for a fun and interactive photo experience to create and capture memories are now searching for alternative creative ways to keep engagement high.

Virtual Photo Booths put the photo booth directly into the hands of every “guest” and allow them to use their own devices for the photo experience. The cloud-based service is accessible from a web browser, so there is no need to download an app or set up any physical equipment. Using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you can scan a QR code to be directed to the website, or you can provide your guests with a link to access the site directly. This can be easily integrated with Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other online live streaming platforms.

At Boogie Booth, our service is completely customized for your brand. Whether your event or marketing campaign is to generate engagement, promote a new product, lead generation, or purely for entertainment we work to find you the best solution to fit those needs.



  • Fully-customized User Experience
  • Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs
  • Custom Photo Designs (aka overlays or frames)
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Digital props (stickers)
  • Custom QR Code and URL to access your virtual website
  • Private photo gallery
  • Data & Analytics
  • Email & Phone capture
  • Photo Contests
  • And more!

Virtual Photo Booths can be utilized not only for virtual events, but also for in-person and hybrid events, as a safe and touch-free alternative to a physical photo booth set up. This is a great option for sporting events, playoff games, conferences, holidays, Mardi Gras, movie premieres, and new product releases. Aside from having a Virtual Photo Booth for a specific event, this service is great for long-term installations as well, such as retail stores, bakeries, hotel and travel companies, and healthcare just to name a few!

With Mardi Gras parades being cancelled because of COVID-19 this year, many Krewes are excited that they will still be able to come together digitally and virtually while keeping a safe social distance. Try our demo to see how our service works, then CONTACT US TODAY to start customizing your own Virtual Experience!